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Drills and Exercises


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2009 Drills and Events

31-Jan   Preliminary Safety Assessment Drill
24-Jan   Quarterly County Communications Drill

2008 Drills and Events

8-Nov CUP-08-040T SET, AA Report
3-May CUP-08-014T Wildland Fire, Drill Prep

2007 Drills and Events

17-Feb CUP-07-008T Preliminary Safety Assessment Drill
20-Jan CUP-07-007T Quarterly County Communications Drill

2006 Drills and Events

4-Nov CUP-06-29T Cupertino OES SET AA Report
21-Oct   Quarterly County Communications Drill
22-July   Quarterly County Communications Drill
4-July CUP-06-020T 4th of July  Fireworks Event, Plan, AA Report
24-June CUP-06-019T Emergency Field Comm Drill (Field Day)
Apr   Quarterly County Communications Drill
Jan   Quarterly County Communications Drill

2005 Drills and Events

12-Nov CUP-05-12T Cupertino OES S.E.T AA Report.
6-Aug CUP-05-11T County CERT Drill AA Report
4-July Cup-05-09T 4th of July Fire works Event AA Report
25-June CUP-05-10T Emergency Field Comm Drill (Field Day)
11-June CUP-05-8T Joint OES Volunteers Field  Exercise AA Report
7-May CUP-05-07T Human Race
23-Apr CUP-05-06T Quarterly County Communications Drill
12-March CUP-05-03T Lunar New Year Parade AA Report
5-Feb CUP-05-02T Preliminary Safety Assessment Drill AA Report
22-Jan CUP-05-01T Quarterly SVECS Communications Drill

2004 Drills and Events

13-Nov CUP-04-13T Cupertino OES S.E.T
6-Aug CUP-04-12T Quarterly SVECS Communication Drill
16-Oct CUP-04-11T Tournament of Bands
16-Oct CUP-04-10T NCS/RRO Drill
25-Sep CUP-04-09T NCS/RRO Drill
17-July CUP-04-08T Quarterly SVECS Communication Drill
4-July CUP-04-07T 4th of July Fire Works Event
26-June CUP-04-06T Art & Wine Festival, Field Day
17-Apr CUP-04-05T Quarterly SVECS Communication Drill
20-Mar CUP-04-04T Garden Gate School  CERT Drill
28-Feb CUP-04-03T Lunar New Year Parade
31-Jan CUP-04-02T Preliminary Safety Assessment Drill
17-Jan CUP-04-01T Quarterly SVECS Communication Drill

2003 Drills and Events

15-Nov CUP-03-12T Functional Field Communications Drill (2003 SET)
28-June CUP-03-07T Emergency Field Communications Drill (ARRL Field Day)
10-May CUP-03-05T Cupertino 100 Critical Facilities Survey
26-Apr CUP-03-04T Quarterly SVECS Communications Drill
22-March CUP-03-03T PDA Drill
25-Jan Cup-03-01T Quarterly SVECS Communications  Drill

2002 Drills and Events

16-Nov CUP-02-09T Open Net Drill
30-Oct CUP-02-08T SCC OpArea Drill: "Terror 2002"
28-Sep CUP-02-06T City Decon/Medical Drill
20-July CUP-02-05T County RACES Drill
22-June CUP-02-04T Emergency Field Communications Drill (ARRL Field Day)
1-June CUP-02-04T Traffic Handling
9-Sep CUP-02-02T Preliminary Damage Assessment
26-Jan CUP-02-01T County RACES Drill

2001 Drills and Events

15-Nov   Quarterly SVECS Communications Drill
13-Oct CUP-01-05T Functional Field Communications Drill
29-Sep   Earthquake Drill, Riverside-St Andrews Neighborhood.
23-June CUP-01-04T Emergency Field Communications Drill (ARRL Field Day)
3-May   Joint Santa Clara County / Cupertino Drill
21-Apr CUP-01-03T EOC / NCS Drill
17-Mar CUP-01-02T EOC / NCS Logistics Drill
10-Feb CUP-01-01T Preliminary Damage Assessment Drill

2000 Drills and Events

November CUP-00-06T City Exercise Plan
November CUP-00-05T NCS Review
October CUP-00-04T Functional Field Exercise
June CUP-00-03T Emer Field Comms/Field Day
Feb CUP-00-02T Traffic Handling Table Top Exercise
Jan CUP-00-01T Preliminary Damage Assessment

1999 Drills and Events

13-Oct CUP-99-05T Santa Clara County SET
10-Oct CUP-99-04T SVECS SET Dress Rehearsal
18-Sep CUP-99-03T SVECS SET Dress Rehearsal
26-June CUP-99-02T Emer Field Comms/Field Day
23-Jan CUP-99-01T Preliminary Damage Assessment


DefinitionDrills are characterized by an activity that tests, develops, or maintains skills in a single emergency response procedure. The focus is limited.

Definition:  The Tabletop exercise presents a simulated emergency situation. It is intended to evaluate plans and procedures, then resolve questions of coordination and assignments of responsibility. Tabletop exercises are not concerned with time pressures, stress, or actual simulations of specific events.

DefinitionFunctional exercises are intended to test or evaluate the capability of one or more functions, or complex activities within a function. The results are obtained when the activity or function can be effectively evaluated from other emergency management activities. An example would be an exercise for the Direction and Control function. In this example, you could test and evaluate the centralized emergency operations capability and timely response of one or more departments under a stress environment. It could be centered in an EOC, or interim EOC, and simulate the use of outside activity and resources

Overview of Drills

CARES Preliminary Damage Assessment Drill.  This is a field drill that employs Amateur Radio to pass simulated emergency traffic among CARES members.  The purpose is to orient CARES members to the procedure for collecting, summarizing, and reporting local damage information for roll-up for the City EOC.  This drill is based on the Preliminary Damage Assessment Procedure described in the SOP Part II Section 7.

CARES Field Assignment Drill:  This is a field drill that employs Amateur Radio to pass simulated emergency traffic among CARES members.  The purpose of this drill is to provide real scenarios in which CARES may be asked to participate to support field assignments requiring communications such as shelters, medical centers, and shadow assignments to name a few.  This drill is based on the Field Assignment Procedure described in the SOP Part II Section 7.

CARES EOC Operations Drill:  This is a drill held at the EOC that may employ Amateur Radio to pass simulated emergency traffic among CARES members.  The purpose of this drill is to provide an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of CARES members assigned to the EOC, the different radio equipment used at the EOC Radio Room, and the kinds of interactions CARES may have with the EOC staff.

Field Day:  The intent of the CARES Emergency Communications Station (ECS) drill is to test CARES’ ability to establish and operate a communications facility that could be used to support the city with backup field-based local and long distance communications during an emergency or disaster.  This drill also coincides with the ARRL Field Day event.

updated:  March 07, 2009