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Last Updated: 17 November 2022


This page contains information for Cupertino Affiliated Volunteers (CARES, CERT, MRC, Block Leaders, Neighborhood Watch teams) about Cupertino's efforts to deliver emergency radio communications services to the city in the event of communications outage, disaster, or other emergency.

This page will be updated as additional material is identified.


Wildland Fire Evacuation Drill Prep | Recording
May 14, 2022. Review of the plan for the evacuation communications exercise.

Communications Overview, Radio Basics | Recording
March 30, 2022. Background for and the use of FRS and GMRS radio by Cupertino Affiliated Volunteers during an emergency.



CCC Field Communications Handbook
March 2022

ARK Activation Handbook
January 2022



Communications Overview, Radio Basics
March 31, 2022, 31 min.

The Camp Fire – Phones, Fire and Failures
April 18, 2019, 49 min. Presentation made by Allan Thompson to the Placerville Fire Safe Council. Per Allan's Phones, Fire and Failures page, This is an audio/video presentation about emergency communications planning and execution that failed during the 2018 Camp Fire and similar events, and suggests ways to help our communities stay safer in the event of similar disasters here.

Radio for the Rest of Us
April 18, 2019, 1hr 3min. Presentation made by Allan Thompson. Per Allan, Radio For The Rest of Us highlights these cell phone and Internet service vulnerabilities, and how our unconscious over-reliance on cell phones for virtually everything puts us at serious risk. The presentation suggests ways how Amateur Radio Clubs might help "the rest of us;" our families, our friends, and our community, stay safer in the face of cell-phone and Internet service failures.




Upcoming Activities

7 Dec 2022, New Member Orientation
A short introduction to CARES. 7pm-8pm, Location TBD   

5 Jan 2023, Drill Prep
Topic: Prep for the January Alt911 Field deployment, 7:30pm, Zoom   

21 Jan 2023, ALT911 Exercise
Field deployment with packet and voice message passing, 8:30am to 12:00pm