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Summary of
Standard Operating Procedures

Part 4 – Attachments

An overview of CARES Standard Operating Procedures, Part 4, is provided here. A complete copy of the CARES SOP Part 4 is available here.

Part 4 includes a variety of miscellaneous attachments, several of them paper-based, that are distributed with the SOP to CARES members for completeness of the response preparation.  As with other material used throughout the CARES SOP, this information will be useful to CARES members during training exercises and during a response.  The Part of the SOP includes the following sections:

Section 16– CARES Membership Roster
Section 17 – Emergency Plan
Section 18 – Memorandum of Understanding
Section 19 – Cupertino General Plan, Section 6
Section 20 – Stevens Creek Dam Failure Evacuation Plan

Section 16 - CARES Membership Roster

CARES maintains an active membership of about 50 members.  The roster provides all necessary contact information and forms the basis for the Telephone Phone Tree procedure (See Part II Section 7 Procedures for more information).  The Roster is distributed about quarterly to all CARES members.

The roster is for members only.  For a copy of the roster, please contact the CARES EC at .

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Section 17 - Emergency Plan

The purpose of the Emergency Plan is to provide a written guide containing the minimum information that would be needed in an emergency.  Each emergency is different, and flexibility to provide an adequate response to each emergency is a necessity.  Refer to the CARES Standard Operating Procedures document for specifics.

The primary responsibility of CARES is to furnish communication in the event of a disaster, when regular communications fail or are inadequate.  These communications are provided to reduce the loss of life and property and may not be used to replace other modes of communication (if they are available) in conducting the normal business of the served agencies.

Adequate drills, training, and instruction shall be carried out to ensure the CARES organization readiness to respond quickly in providing effective emergency communication whenever a need may arise.

The plan provides additional information for CARES members including:

  • Activating the Plan
  • Mobilization Procedure
  • Duties of NCS
  • Operations
  • Drills, Tests, and  Alerts

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Section 18 - Memorandum of Understanding

CARES engages the agencies with which it serves with a formal written agreement called the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  This agreement is reviewed and signed by both CARES and any served agency.

The purpose of these MOUs is to state the terms of a mutual agreement between the served agency and the Cupertino Amateur Radio Emergency Service (CARES).  These documents will serve as a framework within which CARES members coordinate their services, personal equipment, and facilities with the served agency to support a city-wide emergency communications function.  It is intended, through joint coordination and exercises of resources of CARES and the served agency, to enhance the emergency communications readiness for any possible disaster.

CARES maintains active MOUs with the following served agencies:

Additionally, CARES is pursuing MOUs with the following served agencies:

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Section 19 - Cupertino General Plan, Sec. 6

The City of Cupertino maintains a City General Plan, with Section 6 of this plan addressing Public Health and Safety.

The purpose of Section 6 of the plan is to ensure Cupertino remains a reasonably safe place to live and work.  This section points out potential natural threats to life and property, including earthquakes, floods, wildfires, and landslides.  There also are threats related to human carelessness, including urban fires, failures of water storage tanks, long-term exposure to excessive noise, and crime encouraged by misjudgments in land planning and building design.

Relevant portions of the plan are distributed to CARES members (in paper form) and include the following areas:

  • Seismic and Geologic Hazard
  • Fire Hazard
  • Flood Hazard from Rainstorms
  • Flood Hazard from failure of Water Storage Facilities

The CARES SOP has also leveraged this information to support our own response planing activities.

For additional information about this Section, or about Cupertino General Plan, please contact the City of Cupertino.

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Section 20 - Stevens Creek Dam Failure Evacuation Plan

The "Stevens Creek Dam Failure Evacuation Plan" provides information in the form of text and graphics about the Stevens Creek Dam Failure evacuation process.  It provides information about the location, capacity, and ownership of the Stevens Creek Dam and discusses the possibility of its failure due to earthquake or excessive rain.

It also discusses the inundation and evacuation process in case of the dam failure and clearly defines the responsibilities of various agencies like the City of Cupertino, the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office, the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the Red Cross, and Cal Trans in such an event.  The plan is intended for the California State Office of Emergency Services, the Cities of Cupertino and Sunnyvale, the Santa Clara Valley Water District, and the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office.

The "Stevens Creek Dam Failure Evacuation Plan" is distributed to CARES members in paper form.  The CARES SOP has also leveraged information from this plan to support its own response planning activities.

For additional information about this Section, or about Cupertino General Plan, please contact the City of Cupertino.

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updated:  February 17, 2007