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Welcome to the Cupertino ARES/RACES Projects Page.  Here's the list of what've been up to.  More descriptions will be filled over time. Here's what you will find...

  • Outpost Packet Message Manager -- Outpost is a Windows-based Packet message client that lets ARES/RACES Teams send and receive packet messages with almost an Operational Area Bulletin Board System (BBS) or TNC Personal Mail Box.  
  • F6FBB BBS Implementation Project -- This section includes an introduction and document on how a F6FBB Bulletin Board System was brought on-line to support our local county Hospital Packet Infrastructure.
  • Radio Cheat Sheets -- Operating in the  field requires us to occasionally make changes to our radios.  While carrying the manual is one approach, using a "Cheat Sheet" is the way to go.
  • AGW and  Visual Basic 6.  This is a demo program on how AGW can be implemented within Visual Basic 6.  TO BE COMPLETED. 
  • Radio-in-a-Box -- Portable NCS Station allows us to take it anywhere.  Details to follow.
  • Radio-in-a-Box, Jr. -- This is a very portable setup that supports a variety of field deployments.   Details to follow.
  • ATV in Cupertino -- This is the first round of implementation for Cupertino's ATV System.
  • Cupertino OES Van -- The city has recently received San Jose State University's old Police Command Post Van.  CARES will be involved to help figure out how it should be outfitted to support the City.

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updated:  March 01, 2008