Radio Operations
Cheat Sheets

Operating in the field occasionally requires us to make configuration changes to our radios.  However, the complexity of our HTs and the infrequency with using them makes memorizing the keystrokes and commands needed to make changes nearly impossible.

Some operators carry their radio's manual with them.  Even the manuals are not laid to quickly support what we want to do.  Thus the need for Radio Cheat Sheets.

Radio Cheat Sheets (my term) are summaries of the critical few command sequences we usually need to manage our radios in the field.  The summaries should be small enough to be carried with our gear, and organized to allow us to complete a change quickly.  

To print our a cheat sheet do the following

  1. Download the Cheat Sheet for your radio.

  2. Print it out.

  3. Cut out the sheet along the outer-most boarder.

  4. Fold it in half and tape the ends.

If you want to develop your own or modify this one, the MS-Word file is also included.  

If you have developed a Cheat Sheet for your specific radio, please let me know and I'll post it here with the others.

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updated:  June 22, 2008