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Last Updated: 19 October 2020


This page contains links to a variety of material on power outages and their risks. Not too much of a surprise, a long term power outage will turn into a Communication Outage, and that is why we care about power outages.

This page will be updated as additional material is identified.


Prepare for power-down
Information on preparing for a power shutoff.

Utility Wildfire mitigations plans (SB901).
California Public Utility Commission. Provides an overview of Senate Bill 901; Utility Wildfire Mitigation Plans. Includes the PG&E 2019 Wildfire Mitigation Plan.

Electric Power Disruption: Toolkit for Local Government
Californioa OES. CalOES guidance for local jurisdictions in preparing for electrical power outages. Dated 2012.

Fire Cameras
PGE/Nevada Seismological Laboratory. HD cameras view of the South-East Bay area.

Weather Stations
PGE and Mesowest Utah. PGE links to weather stations map display of California. Various layers and sources of weather information (see left side panel).

Past PSPS Reports to the CPUC
California Public Utility Commission. Filed reports form the utilities who have announced and/or implemented a PSPS. This link returns a list of PDF files.

GIS Open Data of California energy infrastructure
California Energy Commission.

PSPS address-lookup tool

Power outage map

PGE Weather page forecasting PSPS risk
PG&E. Additional, PG&E has created a new weather awareness page that provides a 7-day outlook for public safety power shutoff potential. It has four outlook levels: Not Expected, Elevated, PSPS Watch, PSPS Warning. One thing to note is that, "This forecast is based on weather conditions and fuel moisture content only and does not include other criteria used to determine whether a PSPS may be necessary."







PSPS Overview and Cupertino ARES/RACES
September 2019; Presentation to Cupertino ARES and response possibilities.


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