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Amateur Radio | FRS | GMRS
Last Updated: 6 February 2020


This page highlights best practices for equipment used by CARES, CERT, and Citizen Corps.

This page will be updated as additional material is identified.

Amateur Radio

The following table describes the top 4 HTs used by CARES members. Based on the January 2020 HT Survey, there were another 22 different models also owned with Yaesu being the most popular (31 owned), followed by Kenwood, Wouxun, Icom, Radio Shack, and Std Horizon. Operating an Amateur Radio in the Amateur Radio Service requires an FCC license.

Yaesu FT-60 2m/440HT 19 NiMH+AA tray
Kenwood TH-F6 2m/220/440HT 5 Li-ion, dual-recv
Baufeng UV-5R 2m/440HT 3 Li-ion
Yaesu FT-65 2m/440HT 2 Li-ion, rev-SMA, C4FM



The following table describes the FRS equipment used by CERT members. Operating an FRS Radio in the Family Radio Service DOES NOT require an FCC license.

Motorola T5410 FRS HT 2 0.48W
Motorola T600/T605 FRS HT 10+ 1.3W/0.4W; City ARK plan
Motorola T7400 FRS HT 2 1.0W/0.3W



The following table describes the GMRS equipment used by CARES and CERT members. Operating a GMRS Radio in the General Mobile Radio Service requires an FCC license.

Midland GXT1000GMRS HT 7 0.5W/5W, Rptr
Motorola MR350R GMRS HT 2 0.5W/1.5W, Rptr
Midland GXT800 GMRS HT 1 Replaced by GXT1000

Midland MXT115 GMRS Mobile 9 5W/15W, Rptr, City ARK plan
Midland MXT275 GMRS Mobile 2 5W/15W, Rptr
Midland MXT400 GMRS Mobile 1 5W/40W, Rptr
  1. Rptr = supports GMRS repeaters





Upcoming Activities

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5 Jan 2023, Drill Prep
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21 Jan 2023, ALT911 Exercise
Field deployment with packet and voice message passing, 8:30am to 12:00pm