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CUP-18-35T, Wildland Fire Threat Exercise

12 May 2018. Planned... This will be a communications functional exercise based on a wild land fire event that is threatening the City.
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CUP-18-10T, PSA Exercise

27 Jan 2018. Annual Preliminary Safety Assessment Drill
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XSC-17-12T, SCC RACES Field Exercise

15 Nov 2017. Seven cities/agencies set up their respective alternate EOC radio rooms in the field.
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CUP-17-25T, 4th of July Event Support

4 Jul 2017. CARES provides volunteer coordination and communications during the City's 4th of July Fireworks event.
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CUP-17-29T, SCC RACES Quarterly Exercise

20 May 2017. Communications exercise; PSC Vehicle check-out

CUP-17-19T, ISA Exercise

13 May 2017. Infrastructure Safety Assessment Exercise
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CUP-17-10T, PSA Exercise

28 Jan 2017. Annual Preliminary Safety Assessment Drill
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CUP-16-34T, 2016 Earthquake Comm Exercise

10 Dec 2016. Citizen Corps Exercise to open all ARKS to ARK Activation Level 2. Message passing all ARKs and 2 SCCFD stations to the EOC and County Comm.
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CUP-16-40T, Communications Outage Exercise, Packet Edition

7 May 2016. What-if scenario: loss of power and communications. Plan includes passing 9-1-1 message traffic by Packet to County Comm.
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CUP-16-10T, PSA Exercise

16 Jan 2016. Annual Preliminary Safety Assessment Drill
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Upcoming Activities

31 Mar 2018, Cupertino's BigBunny Fun Run
CARES has been asked to support this family friendly 5K run event. 8:00am to 11:00am, City Hall   

5 Apr 2018, General Meeting
Topic: Wildland Fire Response Procedures. Quinlan Center, Social Room. 7:30pm to 9:00pm   

3 May 2018, General Meeting
Topic: Cupertino Wildland Fire Threat drill prep. Quinlan Center, Social Room. 7:30pm to 9:00pm   

12 May 2018, Wildland Fire Threat Drill
Full field deployment exercise. 8:00am to 1:00pm.   

7 Jun 2018, General Meeting
Topic: TBD. Quinlan Center, Social Room. 7:30pm to 9:00pm